French Luxury Comes To Nigel Beauty

We’ll admit it. When we see an article telling us “the French girl secrets for clear skin” or “how French girls wear their perfume,” we just about always click on the headline. That’s because there’s nothing that better epitomizes glamour, luxury and sophistication than French beauty.

Well, there’s nothing that epitomizes French beauty more than Guerlain.

We’ve been barely able to contain our excitement over the past few months. Now, we can finally tell all of our beautiful customers that Guerlain has landed at Nigel Beauty. Whether you’re an established fan of the brand or completely new to this luxurious and iconic French line, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Guerlain and how you can incorporate these phenomenal products into your daily routine.

A Reputation For Luxury and Style

Unlike a lot of the popular French lines, Guerlain is not an offshoot of a fashion house. Rather, it’s a dedicated cosmetics, skincare and perfume brand. Established in 1828 as The House of Guerlain, Guerlain began as a small perfume house in Paris. Founder Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain created custom-blended creations for the customers in his humble perfumery. These scents soon took off and members of Parisian high society couldn’t get enough of these intoxicating fragrances.

Although known for their fragrances, particularly their iconic Shalimar, Guerlain has become a cornerstone of the cosmetics industry. Today, they’re loved for much more than perfume. We’re thrilled to be carrying their products here at Nigel Beauty. Here are some of what we consider to be the most must-have Guerlain products and how you can incorporate them into your daily beauty routine.


Terracotta Bronzing Powder

In the era of contouring, a bronzer is a non-negotiable part of any makeup routine. The Terracotta Bronzing Powder will be the first and last bronzer that you ever need in your collection. It’s pigmented enough to allow you to effectively contour, while being finely milled enough to be lightly applied to the skin if a subtle sun-kissed glow is all that you’re after.

This bronzer contains moisturizing ingredients to ensure that your skin always looks dewy and supple. A wide shade rang ensures that you’ll be able to find the perfect shade for your unique skin tone. Of course, we all know that Guerlain is a fragrance company first and foremost, so of course this bronzer boasts a positively stunning fragrance. With notes of vanilla, ylang-ylang and orange blossom, we’re instantly transported to a glamorous island resort every time we apply it, even in the dead of winter.

If you want to apply the Terracotta Bronzer like a true makeup artist, use Guerlain’s recommended technique, their “3” method. Beginning at the temples, sweep the product in a half-circle around the outside of the eye and down the cheekbones. Finish with another half-circle from the cheekbones to the jawline. This instantly slims the face and leaves you with a summery glow.

guerlain meteorites

Météorites Light Revealing Compact Powder

What’s contouring without highlight? Of course, no self-respecting French girl would ever use an ordinary highlighting product. After all, the finished result is bold, eye-catching and trendy, which is the polar opposite of French girl beauty.

Instead, any French girl worth her stilettos turns to the Guerlain Météorites line when she wants to add a glow to the skin without looking too gaudy. The Météorites pearls are one of Guerlain’s most iconic products. These tiny multicolored beads of powder serve to both correct imperfections and to create that lit-from-within effect, as if one was in a candlelit room.

However, the original pearls aren’t exactly the most convenient for travel. This is why Guerlain has re-imagined the product as the Météorites Light Revealing Compact Powder. Every makeup artist adores this stunning product for its ability to subtly highlight the skin. If you want to glow without that “wet” look that so many highlighters cause, this is the perfect product to use in your routine.

lor gold

L’Or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold

If you ever doubted whether or not the perfect primer exists, wonder no more. The L’Or Radiance Concentrate has officially become our must-have first step in our makeup routines.

We adore everything about this product, which acts as both skincare and makeup. L’Or is a blend of ultra-hydrating ingredients in addition to real gold flakes, which dissolve into the skin upon application. Even when worn under foundation, these gold particles catch the light and reflect beautifully, giving us the perfect, ethereal complexions of our dreams.

Foundation applies beautifully atop this floral-scented product, which also has notes of peach and raspberry. When we use this primer, a darling of makeup artists everywhere, we can’t help but to feel like we’ve utterly mastered French girl beauty.

kiss kiss lip lift

Kiss Kiss Lip Lift

We here at Nigel Beauty keep a close eye on trends and we can say with certainty that the liquid lipstick craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, if you’re ready to toss your favorite liquid lipstick due to chapped, flaking lips, then you need this lip primer and moisturizer in your makeup arsenal. Many liquid lipsticks and long-wear lipstick formulas dry out the lip. However, the Kiss Kiss Lip Lift, when used before your favorite lip product, prevents that from happening without causing your lip color to smudge or fade.

This product does everything. Not only does it moisturize effectively, but it creates a base that lipstick loves to cling to and prevents feathering. It also helps our lip color to stay in place, which means that we don’t have to run off to reapply as often. This product turns our lips into everything we want them to be: Soft, supple and kissable, but with infallible color that doesn’t run or budge.


Météorites Soin Oxygene Moisturizer

If you wish that you could have that Météorites glow even when you’re wearing no makeup at all, then you need this gorgeous moisturizer in your skincare routine. The Météorites Soin Oxygene Moisturizer features Guerlain’s O2 Light complex, which not only puts moisture back into the skin, but works to create that lit-from-within effect naturally.

This violet-scented cult classic moisturizer is loved by just about everyone who tries it. In clinical trials, 86% of women reported that their skin was smoother, more radiant, more moisturized and more even. Only 12 hours after application, women report that their skin has a more luminous glow. When used in conjunction with the Météorites illuminating powders, you can prepare to have the healthiest, most glowing complexion of your life.

Nigel Loves Guerlain

At Nigel Beauty, we’re committed to providing our customers with the very best in makeup and skincare. Whether it’s a makeup artist picking up products to use on a film set or just a woman who wants that perfect product that will give her that perfect glow, we want to introduce you to the product that will give you everything you’re looking for and more.

Guerlain is an absolutely perfect fit for Nigel Beauty and we’re officially in love. Their products are luxurious, but beyond that, they really deliver on their promises. If you’re ready to test drive Guerlain for yourself, then we invite you to explore this gorgeous line today, at


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