Hair Flash Color: Temporary Hair Color with a Natural Formula

Hair Flash Color is a brand new “Hair Make-Up”, an innovative concept combining instant hair care & temporary coloration with a natural formula. It is the first temporary dyeing that takes care of the hair. It is easy to use, thanks to its spray system, and washable with one shampoo.

Hair Flash Color exists in 6 different shades: Light Blonde, Golden Blonde, Copper Red, Light Brown, Dark Brown and 1 Brown for Men.

It is the only temporary hair color with naturals components. The benefit of the Argan oil is widely known and a strong part of its formula. Add to it Castor Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to deeply nourish your hair and provide UV protection. Hair Flash Color has zero chemical health risk.


Watch the video above to see a temporary ombre created in seconds.

Hair Flash Color is dedicated to each person who dyes their hair: Woman, Men, from 16 years old and older. Hair Flash Color has multiple functions: Highlight, cover roots and grey hair, create a Tie & Dye and the Ombre’ Look, add shine and shades stones or simply change the hair color.

It is easy to use as a professional or as an enthusiast. Either in a few second from the comfort of your house as a daily routine or using advanced techniques on set or in a salon. It leaves the hair shiny, hydrated, and smelling amazing.

As you Make-Up your face, Now Make-Up Your Hair!
Shop online or at our North Hollywood, CA retail location.


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