London Brush Company Best Kept Secret Collection

london brush company best kept secret collection

London Brush Company‘s Siân Richards listens to pros and delivers. After two years of requests for an elite collection of goat hair makeup brushes that were affordable, and after much testing whilst on movies, Siân has added Best Kept Secret to the LBC repertoire.

The collection consists of 8 Cashmere Goat Pyramid shaped gorgeous blending, contouring and buffing brushes that are uber soft and precise. And with starting prices at $20, they are completely affordable without losing any of Siân’s premium quality. All hand made in USA as usual. LBC recommends caring for them with Goat Milk Solid Brush Shampoo.

We asked Siân what made her make them and her answer was simple “SO many pros asked me to come up with a premium goat hair collection that was affordable and really soft… I thought about it for a while and decided to do a concise collection of 9 brushes – Number 9 will launch later this year. I made them from on of my best selling shapes – the pyramid, because there has been a lot of love for this shape and I wanted to take soft blenders to the next level offering a brush that follows the architecture of the face easily. They fit the hand really nicely and the weight is beautifully balanced.. And to top it off I had them made with shorter handles so they would fit into your makeup bag easily.”

Available now, shop for London Brush Company’s Best Kept Secret Collection online or in-store today.



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