Beard Grooming Tips


Guest post by Barbra Jo Batterman, Las Vegas hairstylist & makeup artist.

Here are few helpful hints I’ve learned along the way, as nothing is worst than an unkept beard. However keep in mind, that if you’re just starting out, it takes a while to grow out a nice beard. Don’t do much trimming the first six weeks, at least.

  • You need to match the shape of your beard to the shape of your face. Similar to the article last year on finding the right pair of eye glasses for your face shape, you need to choose a file to shape your face. I found this chart online that might help you, if you can’t get in to see me or arrange a SKYPE session. Hope this helps.
  • Trimming 101 – Invest in a quality trimmer (again, contact me and I’ll give you some suggestions). Before trimming, comb your beard in the direction it grows so that all the hairs are at their maximum height and facing the same direction. Longer beards require trimming in the direction of hair growth to avoid a patchy look. For shorter styles, trim in either direction depending on the look you want. To maintain an even beard with neck hair, try to keep hair length shorter than the hair growing on your chin and cheeks as neck hair tends to be thicker. Trimming hair above the jaw line should start at the ear and be cut toward the chin. Always clean up loose or long hair around the lips.
  • When trimming around the mouth, note than longer around the mouth styles should always be trimmed in the direction of hair growth, whereas shorter around the mouth styles can be trimmed with or against hair growth. Above the lip, always comb hair straight down before you trim.
  • Washing 101 – Try out various beard oils to find what works for you. Some have scents, while others are fragrance free. As some have a heavier condition than others do, you’re going to have to experiment with various products, in addition to figuring out how much to use. I suggest trying Mr. Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir or one of the balms or oils from Badger (discussed in a previous newsletter).
  • Train it to go in the right direction. Try a daily rub with a comb or beard brush and train your hairs to grow in a downward direction. You’ll find that some of the products provide more sculpting power, so again, best to experiment.

If you can afford it, have it done professionally from time-to-time. An experienced barber would be the best way to go, and if you need a recommendation, please let me know.

About Barbra Jo

“A consummate professional,” “true artist,” and “intensely passionate about her craft,” are just three of the phrases people often use to describe Barbra Jo Batterman, Las Vegas-based makeup artist and stylist to the stars. Batterman brings these terms to life every day, leading one of the most successful Las Vegas makeup businesses in the southwest. Just ask anyone who has watched her work her magic.

Barbra Jo’s skills land her a multitude of jobs in print, film, television and stage. Recent projects include the Billboard Music Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards (CMA’s) and iHeart Radio.

Barbra Jo is known for her upbeat personality in addition to her incredible makeup artistry. Her expertise includes enhancing faces such as celebrities President Barack Obama, Paul McCartney, President Bill Clinton, Pitbull, Heidi Klum, Toby Keith and thousands of others. In addition, she is hired by corporations such as Caesars Entertainment and Hewlett Packard.

Barbra Jo Batterman began her journey in Philadelphia. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she began working at her mother’s cosmetic boutique and eventually took over the business after she retired. Soon after, she started getting hired as a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist for magazines, TV productions, weddings and working with top-notch photographers. Then in 1990, she packed up and moved to Las Vegas where she was courted by Chanel.

While at Chanel, Barbra Jo started to build a freelance makeup business and eventually moved out on her own doing the makeup and styling for various Las Vegas photo shoots, commercials and live productions.

In addition to her work on the grand stage, Barbra Jo has also built a large segment of her business specializing in makeup for Las Vegas weddings. Not a week goes by where she isn’t called by a soon-to-be-bride, referred by either one of their friends or the concierge at the hotel. Her Las Vegas wedding work has helped her become an expert in airbrushing, a common technique used among many brides, in addition to her celebrity clientele. Barbra Jo enjoys doing makeup for Las Vegas brides as she states she enjoys being part of their fairy tale moment.


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