Chantel Rahme Luxury Lipsticks

chantel rahme lipstick

Australian-based makeup artist expert, Chantel Rahme has just launched her range of gel-based lipsticks, ‘CR Luxury Lips’ at Nigel Beauty Emporium. This Australian first, gel-based lipstick range is infused with key hydrating ingredients which promote healthy lips and improves wearability time.

CR Luxury Lips includes 13 stylish shades and infused with antioxidants and moisturizers, to keep the lips soft and healthy. This also eliminates the need to wear lip balm as a base before you apply lipstick. Composed with a creamy yet demi-matte finish, CR Luxury Lips encourages longevity and durability wear time compared to other lipsticks on the market that tend to fade away hours from application. 100% opaque maximum pigments for high intense rich color.

Makeup artist Rahme, designed and created the lipstick range from scratch out of her desire to fill a void she often struggled with when applying makeup on her clients. “Over the past 15 years in the industry, I was constantly mixing a range of lipstick tones to create the right color and effect for different faces. I felt restricted not only by the colors available, but the limited textures which would not necessarily complement a person face due to different skin tones and structure.”

“No one particularly has time to sit around and play with lipstick tones. CR Luxury Lips offers you color variety and is ideal for ladies to keep in their bags and quickly apply the perfect shade themselves,” Ms Rahme said.

Having earned her title as ‘The Makeup Expert’ due to her 15 years’ experience in the makeup industry, celebrity makeup artist Chantel Rahme knows what women want and more importantly, what they need when it comes to lipsticks.

“When it comes to the perfect makeup look, lips are a woman’s secret weapon. A pair of moisturized, well-defined lips, colored in a seductive shade is guaranteed to turn heads, especially when the lips do not look weighed down. Sadly, most women choose lip tones that are either too bright or dark, hence giving them an unnatural, aged look which can also appear cakey,” Ms Rahme added.

chantel-rahme-lipstick-displayThese 13 shades of hand-picked and designed colors, all offer a lightweight gel texture that makes the lips look natural and gorgeous without appearing weighed down.

Chantel Rahme Luxury Lipsticks can be purchased online at or in-store at our retail location in North Hollywood, CA.


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