Makeup Brushes – How Best to Clean Them and How Often


Guest post by Barbra Jo Batterman

Yes, ladies. You must clean your makeup brushes to wash out old makeup, not to mention the bacteria that forms on them.

I wash my personal brushes about once a month, and of course the brushes I use on clients I clean after every use. The brush cleaner that I like best and have used for many years, is from Cinema Secrets.

I pour cleaner in a glass, dip the brush in and watch the makeup dissolve right in front of my eyes. I’ll then wipe them with a paper towel and after about five minutes of drying time, (sometimes longer with larger powder brushes), they are ready to go. What I love about this cleaner, besides the fact that is works so well, is that it leaves a nice vanilla fragrance. So many clients have said, “your makeup smells so good,” and then I let them know it is my brush cleaner.

Another option is anti-bacterial liquid soap. I’ll wet the brush with cool water, wash the brush, rinse till clear, absorb moisture with a paper towel and put my brushes standing up in a cup overnight to dry. I’ll often use this for my large powder brushes and blush brushes, for a deep cleaning.

These products work for any type of makeup brush, whether they’re natural or synthetic hairs.

Shop online or in-store for Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner at Nigel Beauty Emporium.

About the Guest Author

“A consummate professional,” “true artist,” and “intensely passionate about her craft,” are just three of the phrases people often use to describe Barbra Jo Batterman, Las Vegas-based makeup artist and stylist to the stars. Batterman brings these terms to life every day, leading one of the most successful Las Vegas makeup businesses in the southwest. Just ask anyone who has watched her work her magic.

Barbra Jo’s skills land her a multitude of jobs in print, film, television and stage. Recent projects include the Billboard Music Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards (CMA’s) and iHeart Radio.

Barbra Jo is known for her upbeat personality in addition to her incredible makeup artistry. Her expertise includes enhancing faces such as celebrities President Barack Obama, Paul McCartney, President Bill Clinton, Pitbull, Heidi Klum, Toby Keith and thousands of others. In addition, she is hired by corporations such as Caesars Entertainment and Hewlett Packard.


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