Interview with Siân Richards from London Brush Co.

David Hernandez talks to Siân Richards about London Brush Company’s product range and her Emmy nomination for Bessie.

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About Siân Richards and London Brush Company

LBC by Siân Richards is a boutique collection of makeup brushes and supporting products hand made in the UK and USA from premium ingredients, fabrics and hair with integrity. Founder Siân Richards decided to create her brand when she was unable to find quality makeup brushes in Los Angeles where she now lives and works.

Having grown up in the British film industry, second generation makeup artist, she was used to using great tools that were once the standard, and she felt compelled to recreate that quality, and provide it for makeup pros and passionistas the world over,

Siân designed and tested every brush on her A list clients on movies, red carpet and photo shoots. She has a passion for reinstating bespoke affordable premium quality and has used it to create some of the most beautiful and coveted brushes and products in the cosmetic industry.

Knowing that only great tools enable beautiful makeup, Siân insists that all the brushes are made from premium grade unblended animal hair or vegan hair, and the difference in this no compromise attitude is immediately noticeable.

Siân was inspired by her late father, makeup artist Hu Richards, was surrounded by makeup before she even knew what it was, and realized her passion for makeup artistry before her 10th birthday.

She has been a successful makeup artist, working internationally, for the past 28 years and is committed to excellence. Her dedication to this belief saw her winning Critics Choice Award 2013 ‘Best Makeup’ for her work on the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’ where she transformed Halle Berry into six different characters, genders, ethnicities and ages. And Siân has recently been nominated for an Emmy 2015 for her work transforming the fabulous Queen Latifah, from modern day icon, to 1930s Empress of The Blues, Bessie Smith.

Her passion to promote easy makeup artistry and to enable women to feel confident and gorgeous has seen her travel the world over as she gives keynotes and masterclasses, sharing her knowledge and proving that great makeup can be done by anyone who wants to look good and feel confident. She is recognized as an expert in her field, wears her passion on her sleeve and enjoys inspiring the next generation.


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