Colorescience on Sons of Anarchy


Sons of Anarchy makeup department head Tracey Anderson shares a glowing review of Colorescience’s Sunforgettable powders and corrector palettes. Professionals in film and TV depend on Nigel Beauty Emporium for our large selection of brands, inventory and great customer service. Shop for Colorescience in-store or online.

“Colorescience sunscreens are a staple here on Sons of Anarchy. The Sunforgettable is the only thing that can be applied on top of the tattoos to block the sun and not break them down. I have also found that our “tough guys” prefer the powder to a cream on the body. They keep it tough when they ask for it as well “can I get some of that powder [stuff]?” Sunforgettable used over makeup and for reapplication on an outdoor set is a lifesaver, really nothing I have found in my 25 years as an artist compares! It looks beautiful on camera, fading into the skin. We often apply tattoos that nobody would want “stamped” on their skin after a sunburn, I feel confident that one application in the morning will keep them protected, thanks Colorescience.

Another product every makeup artist should have in their kit is the corrector palette. When I work with someone who does not know about this magic pallet I am so happy to be the person who educates them on this amazing tool. Nothing covers a blemish, bruise or dark eye circles like this product. It clings to the spot, covers and reflects light where you need it to and does not move until removed after filming! Amazing, unique product!”

Tracey Anderson; Department Head, Sons of Anarchy and Celebrity Make-up Artist


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