Rilastil Mini-Facial & Floor Support Dates


Rilastil is synonymous with Italian beauty, founded upon nearly 80 years of focus on the needs of skin over time. The precisely crafted formulations derive from research at the forefront of dermatological and pharmaceutical science. Clean technology complements Rilastil’s philosophy, from harm-free testing to preservation-designed packaging. The highest level of product purity and quality is assured, and the standards of Italian luxury are upheld in signature style.

This esteemed Italian brand is now available in-store and we will have skincare expert Lee Havard on location for the following dates offering expert Q&A, floor support, and 1-on-1 mini-facials:

Wednesday September 17th / 12-5pm
Tuesday October 7th / 12-5pm
Tuesday November 25th / 12-5pm
Wednesday December 3rd / 12-5pm


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