Ben Nye’s The Perfect Smokey Eye Video

Ahsen Gulkaya designs beautiful, seductive smoky eyes on model Jella Linnert. You will see why Ahsen is always in demand for Istanbul’s active entertainment industry where she primarily designs for feature films. She is quite discriminating in her approach to selecting, blending and applying creme foundation, concealers, blush, brows and lips. Ahsen illustrates every element required to create fully-framed, alluring eyes. Her methods are clean and elegant, enabling anyone to improve upon their makeup techniques.At its end, refer to the list of makeup that she used to create her makeup.

Featured Ben Nye products in the video:

Mediapro Concealer Coverette in Ultra Fair
Mediapro Concealer Blue Neutralizer in NB-1 or NB-2
Mediapro Sheer Foundation Palette in Fair
Cameo Luxury Powder
Neutral Face Powder
Essential Eye Shadow Palette (ESP-912)
Metallic Lumiere Palette (ESP-93)
Creme Eye Liner Pencil in Onyx (EP-90)
Cake Eye-liner in Black
LiquiSet Sealer
Theatrical Eye Shadow Palette (ESP-924)
Duo Lash Adhesive
Powder Rouge Blush in Golden Amber
Mascara in Black and Clear (LM-1)
Lip Colour Pencil in Natural (LP-134)
Natural Lip Color Palette (LSP-1)
Lip Gloss in Gold Glaze (LGS-24 / LGW / LGSS-1)

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