Create a unique & luxurious look with 24k gold


Gold has been a symbol of luxury since the beginning of time and rightfully so. Its natural beauty, luster, malleability and resistance to the elements has made it a part of every culture in history as a symbol of the gods, royalty, and power. Its attraction is universal and will never go out of style as a desired, physical object.


Gold comes and goes as an on-trend color in fashion and make-up but when used judiciously for creative effect, it can be the perfect touch of color. It works equally well in Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter fashion shows when used appropriately. Used in 1967 on the film “Goldfinger” by make-up artist Paul Rabafer, it created an iconic look for actress Shirley Eaton that still resonates today (pictured, above).


Discovered by our buyer on a recent trip to Italy, Gold Sin Jewels is a unique product that combines temporary tattoos with a scientifically developed 24k gold film layer. Professional make-up artists and stylists are always asking us for new temporary tattoo designs, and the popularity of UK-based Face Lace has demonstrated the demand for creative beauty products that can provide inspiration with new application techniques.


The technology behind Gold Sin Jewels was initially created by engineers to develop biosensors, RFID systems, printed electronics, photovoltaic systems, and biomedical technology. The manufacturers explored non-biomedical use for the technology with the concept of weightless jewelry. It unites the craftsmanship, ingenuity, and style that Italians are renowned for to create a new product that combines cosmetics, beauty, and fashion. It can already be seen in editorial shoots for Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, Belane, and others. The application procedure is simple and 100% safe, using 24k gold, 999 silver, bio-medical adhesive, and no harmful metals.

Gold Sin Jewels will be available soon at Nigel Beauty Emporium and we can’t wait to see what the possibilities are once its made more widely available to professional MUAs, stylists, and beauty enthusiasts in the United States.

Discover Gold Sin Jewels by shopping online at Nigel Beauty Emporium.



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