Beauty Tutorial from Ellis Faas

I Love You Magazine has posted a unique video featuring a beauty tutorial from Ellis Faas.

Inspired by the photographic instructions that show every single step of applying make up in still pictures, Thalia used this same grid and structure and added movement. The result is a quirky dalliance of blinking eyes and moving lips, that utter the words “I Love You”. In perfect line with the motion, we hear body beatbox by Flavia Faas, the daughter of Ellis Faas.

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Products used:

Full look
Creamy Eyes E105, Milky Lips L202, Blush S301, Creamy Eyes E103

Creamy Eyes E127, Creamy Eyes E103, Mascara E401

Hot Lips L404

Full look
Creamy Eyes E115, Light E305, Mascara E401, Blush S302, L105

Various Ellis Faas Creamy Lips, Milky Lips, Glazed Lips, Hot Lips

Creamy Eyes E104, Creamy Eyes E113, Creamy Eyes E118, Light E303, Creamy Eyes E128, Mascara E401, Eyeliner E501, fake lashes, Light E303

Full look
Creamy Eyes E103, Blush S303, Light E301, Creamy Eyes E114, Mascara E401, Milky Lips L207

Eyeliner experiments
Eyeliner E501


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